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Fitness Center

If you are looking for an elite new gym or a perfection-obsessed personal trainer, then Steel Mill Gym may not be for you. With over forty years of fitness experience, we believe that going to the gym shouldn't make you feel ashamed or intimidated it should make you feel happy and invigorated and that is why our number one priority is creating an inspiring, positive environment to workout in. Our fitness club, locally owned and operated within a convenient distance of Buffalo, NY, is ideal for anyone who wants to increase their fitness level. We welcome men and women with all levels of experience from beginners to fitness enthusiasts, power lifters and body builders. Steel Mill Gym Members describe our staff as down-to-earth, knowledgeable and supportive, and our fitness philosophy as personalized, goal-oriented and no-nonsense. We don't tolerate arrogant, elitist mindsets or judgmental behavior. We have the best members in WNY because we're a hardcore gym without the hardcore attitude!

Our gym membership rates are 100% pay-as-you-go; we guarantee there will be no hidden fees or renewal fees and you will never be required to sign a contract. We offer convenient onsite parking and a secure private entrance.